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I would like personalized shin guards

We are proud to say that many professionals, such as Neymar, Foden, Raphinha, Osimhen and many others, have already contacted us. If you want a custom cartoon, we need a close-up photo from the waist up, as we will illustrate the photo in a process that takes about 3 to 4 hours. If the photo is blurry, the cartoon will not be sharp either. It is very important that the eyes and hair are clearly visible in the photo. In addition, the photo should not be overexposed, contain too much shadow or have been edited with a filter.

We can add anything as text according to your wishes. As a background we have different themes to choose from, such as a club theme, a flag, or a combination of these. It is also possible to supply images in PNG file format, such as logos, flags or anime figures, which we can also add to the design. Prices start from €59.99 and increase based on the number of cartoons you want to have made.

Please note that we cannot make samples before you place an order. The average delivery time for a custom set within the Netherlands is approximately one week.

To order customs, please contact us at whatsapp. (+31) 6 29034088

I want a set from a player that is not in the shop

In addition to the option of having a custom-personalized set created of your favorite player, you can also choose to consider a more affordable option, namely the mystery stocks. With the mystery stocks you simply choose the player you want and let the design continue. completely up to us! The costs for a mystery stocks set are only 45 euros.

The Mystery stocks are at the very bottom of the site

I am looking for sets for the entire team / club.

We have great news for your team! In addition to offering top quality shin guards, we now also have a special offer for you. It is possible to order shin guards for the entire team!

If you choose to take a set for each player from the selection with the same layout in terms of background and text, where only the illustration will differ, we can offer these sets for only €29.99 each. To benefit from this generous discount, a minimum of 7 sets must be ordered.

What does this mean for you? Firstly, you can rest assured that your players will be optimally protected during training and matches. In addition, the uniform layout and unique difference in illustrations provide a professional and personalized appearance for the entire team.

By taking advantage of this offer, you not only invest in the safety and well-being of your players, but you also send a strong signal as a well-oiled, close-knit and passionate team unit. Every team member will be proud to wear this exclusive set of shin guards, leading to improved team spirit and motivation.

Don't hesitate to take this great opportunity and take your team equipment to the next level. Contact us today to place your order and discuss further details. We look forward to providing you with the best shin guards for the entire team!

Ik wil geen cartoon ontwerp

Ook bieden wij de optie aan om zelf afbeeldingen of foto's aan te leveren, zonder dat wij deze bewerken. Dit betekent dat u de volledige vrijheid heeft om uw eigen afbeeldingen te gebruiken. Daarnaast bieden wij ook de mogelijkheid om bijvoorbeeld alleen een vlag, clublogo en tekst te willen, zonder dat er een custom cartoon of een illustratie van ons aanwezig is.

Deze ontwerpen, die geen custom cartoon of illustratie bevatten, zijn verkrijgbaar voor een prijs van slechts €19,99. Om een bestelling te plaatsen, raden wij u aan om contact met ons op te nemen via WhatsApp.

Op deze manier kunnen wij u het beste helpen en ervoor zorgen dat het ontwerp volledig aan uw wensen voldoet.


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